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Corporation Tax & Value Added Tax (VAT) Compliance

Phair & Co. can provide advice and assistance to businesses filing corporation tax returns and to businesses and individuals on filing VAT returns.

Personal Income Tax Returns and Compliance

Please get in touch if you require assistance with the preparation of your Personal Income tax returns.

Tax Planning, Structuring & Capital Taxes

At Phair & Co., we can provide tax efficient solutions whether you are planning for succession, retirement or to structure your business operations.

General Tax Queries

If you are having trouble with a tax issue, give our team a call, email or request a callback today and they would be more than happy to discuss with you.

Revenue Audits and other Compliance interventions

It is never a nice experience to receive queries from Revenue, or indeed to receive the dreaded full "Revenue audit" notification. At Phair & Co., we can guide you through the process to make it as painless as possible

Business Advisory, Year End Accounts & Compliance Obligations

Phair & Co. can assist businesses with their multiple compliance obligations and responsibilities.

Latest News

Tax Planning and Structuring

Deadline for payment of Capital Gains Tax 2023

The dates you pay and file Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) are based on the date you sold, gifted or transferred (i.e., “disposed of”) an asset. Payment of CGT is due
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Phair & Co - Tax & Business Advisors

2023 Capital Acquisitions Tax (“CAT”) Deadline – 31 October 2023

In this article, we outline the main compliance considerations for individuals who have received gifts or inheritances in Ireland in 2023.
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Have you got a tax or business related query?

Phair & Co. act for both Private and Business Clients by offering a wide range of Tax and Accountancy services.