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Corporation Tax & Value Added Tax (VAT) Compliance

Phair & Co. can provide advice and assistance to businesses filing corporation tax returns and to businesses and individuals on filing VAT returns.

Phair & Co. have strong expertise in dealing with tax compliance for start-ups, not-for-profits and small and medium sized businesses (“SMEs”).

For corporation tax i.e. a tax on Company profits, we can assist with
  • Your Company’s tax returns and preliminary tax payments;
  • Capital Allowances claims on assets to help reduce your Company’s tax bills;
  • Whether the Company is entitled to specific reliefs, such as R&D tax credit relief;
  • Distinguishing whether income is payable at the lower (trading) 12.5% rate of tax or the higher 25% (investments) rate of tax;
in a proactive and concise manner. We try to get a holistic understanding of your business, as this may help us identify tax saving opportunities that may be hidden in plain sight!

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax payable on sales of goods or services within the EU and is ultimately payable by the final consumer of the good or service. Companies are responsible for the application, collection, and payment of the VAT to Revenue.

We can assist you with information on when to register for VAT, determine the appropriate VAT rates to use in your business and calculate VAT payable or receivable as part of your VAT returns.

Have you got a tax or business related query?

Phair & Co. act for both Private and Business Clients by offering a wide range of Tax and Accountancy services.