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Tax Planning Solutions

At Phair & Co., we can provide tax efficient solutions whether you are planning for succession, retirement or to structure your business operations.

While tax is sometimes the last thing on people’s minds, it is generally a wise and cost-saving strategy to plan for taxes in advance. Each individual/Company situation is different, and a holistic view should be taken when planning the most tax efficient structure.

Whether it might be a discussion around whether debt or equity is the most tax efficient method of putting cash into the Company, to whether dividends or a salary is the most tax efficient form of taking cash out of the Company, Phair & Co. can talk you through the options most relevant to you and/or your business.

Phair & Co. can also provide advice on:

  • Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”),
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax (“CAT”),
  • Inheritance and Gift Taxes.
Tax planning

Have you got a tax or business related query?

Phair & Co. act for both Private and Business Clients by offering a wide range of Tax and Accountancy services.